Coming soon

I know I have been behind on posting.  I have found two turpentine camps recently and will be posting those photos and videos.  Along with another fellow explorer we found a cabin out in the woods.  My wife and I have located an old railroad line and I will post some photos of that.  My wife and I also found what we strongly believe to be a temple mound, I will probably talk about it, but won’t divulge its location.  I have found an old prison site with just a few buildings left. There is some interesting history there so that will be a post.  I also visited Yulee Sugar Mill.  I recently took a ride with a couple from West Palm Beach so that may be a ride report.  This weekend I am going on a 700 mile motorcycle trip to the Everglades so there should be a good ride report out of that.  Man, I am way behind on posting here.  I promise to catch up soon.

Some future places I intend to explore are a crane at the bottom of a mine that flooded.  I intend to dive that and get some photos.  I found an abandoned primate sanctuary.  There is a creepy old feed plant that I want to get access to.  I also am working on getting access to private property to explore a homestead and mill.

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2 Responses to Coming soon

  1. I can’t wait for you to get caught up! Sounds like you’ve got some interesting finds.

  2. We know you have been busy and am looking forward to your postings and insights on these places!

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