The Lost Girl

I stopped at a friend’s home to pick up a part for my motorcycle I had left there.  While talking to her, she asked me if I had time to go visit a cemetery. There was something she wanted to show me she was sure I would find fascinating.  On the way over in our conversation she mentioned the phrase, “my lost girl”.  When we arrived she took me to the middle of the cemetery where she told me there was a tombstone in the middle of the cedar tree we were standing in front of.  I immediately began looking inside the hole on the side of the tree.  I started to remove some sticks and dug out some loose bark and dirt.  My friend stood back and smiled.  That wasn’t where it was.

DSC_1033What you see in the above photo is a black and white picture my friend took when she was in college almost 30 years ago in 1980. We set her photo next to the tree for comparison.  In the original photograph, the tree had obscured the girl’s last name and the dates.  Today all that is visible is the upper edge of the stone.  The cedar tree has grown around the entire marker.  In just a few more years only my friend’s memory and her photograph will be the only proof that a grave is here.

My friend has long considered this her secret discovery.  I am honored that she chose to share it with me.  She gave me permission to post this on the blog, but I am going to refrain from giving the location.

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2 Responses to The Lost Girl

  1. Most amazing tombstone or lack there of I have ever seen.

  2. notacluegal says:

    A very special find

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