You go first

I love riding my motorcycle every chance I get.  Granted, it means things can get a little uncomfortable at times.  I don’t mind getting a little cold on the motorcycle and sometimes I even enjoy the chill of the wind.  I can tolerate getting wet while riding.  Although I wear protective gear, when heavy rains come down the water seems to find a way in.  If I am prepared for the rain, I do have a rain suit.  When my helmet visor fogs up or my sunglasses get a little difficult to see through I find a way to either wipe off the excess moisture or adjust the visor to allow the appropriate amount of air to blow it off.  It will hardly slow me down.  Hot weather? No problem. I just drink more water and soak my shirt in water to get the benefits of evaporative cooling.

If a tiny gnat gets inside my helmet and then into my ear canal while riding… well… all bets are off.  The ride is taking an unscheduled stop . Now.  Right now!  Something inside my helmet with me is the one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate while riding.  I’m not moving again until the tiny offending vermin is extricated.  As the saying goes, “It isn’t the journey to the mountain that stops you; it’s the pebble in your sandal”.  For me that is anything touching inside my ears.  I will instantly lock up the brakes and have the bike shut off before it comes to a stop while ripping the gloves off so I can tear the helmet off as fast as possible.  I want that insect out of my ear NOW!!!

The other one that does me in are banana spiders.  They are a large, beautiful spider with spindly legs common to the areas I like to ride here in Florida.  They make one of the stickiest webs and place them between trees

A banana spider web.

A banana spider web I photographed at sunrise.

and underbrush along trails.  I know it isn’t true, but it seems like they place them at head height on purpose.  When I am off road I ride with my visor open, so you see where this is going.  I can never stop in time.  Inevitably the spider and its web hits me square in the face as I am riding the trail.  The problem then becomes stopping while simultaneously plucking the banana spider off my face before it disappears inside the helmet.  The whole time I have to fight the urge to just leap off the moving motorcycle and claw at my face in midair.  That would be bad.   Even if I SEE the spider fall away, the web the banana spider makes is sticky enough to make me feel like the spider is still on me.  It gives me the heeby jeebies every time.

So if you go riding with me through the woods and I ask you to take the lead, there is probably a reason why.  Ride with your visor down.


Keep the rubber side down.  It works better that way!

Dirt Medic

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