Time Capsule

Ten years ago Christa and I picked up a truck load of brick for ten bucks from a mobile home park that was about to be demolished.  That pile of bricks has sat in our back yard for those ten years.  We finally have done something with them.  We started building a patio.  Some of the bricks have a stamp bearing the words “AUGUSTA BLOCK”.  A little research revealed that those bricks were manufactured in Georgia.  The city of St. Petersburg purchased Augusta Block brick from 1903 to 1926 to pave their roads with.  We pulled them from Clearwater and since St. Petersburg is only a few miles to the south, it is a safe assumption that they came from the roads of St. Pete when they were resurfaced.

As we were laying those bricks, Christa and I began talking about the journey they had been on from Georgia to St. Pete to Clearwater to Brooksville.  We talked about who might have used them everyday to get around the city. How they might have ended up in Clearwater.  We then started to wonder what would become of these bricks when we were dead and gone.  Would they be salvaged again for another patio?  Will they be recognized for their historical value and sold on a future equivalent of ebay?  That conversation gave rise to the idea of placing a time capsule under the bricks.  We are thinking of writing a little about ourselves, our family histories, the history of the property, some of the things that have happened while we have lived here, and maybe throw in a few pictures.  We will also include a paragraph or two about how the bricks made their journey from Georgia to our front porch via St. Petersburg. A friend suggested a newspaper printed the day we seal the time capsule.  What other ideas does everyone have?  What else should be included?  It is a 4″ diameter PVC pipe that is two feet long and will be sealed with a PVC cap on either end.  Not much space, but a few sheets of paper still leaves plenty of room for some small objects.  Please post your ideas in the comment section.


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2 Responses to Time Capsule

  1. Joyce says:

    Time capsules are so intriguing! Well, when thinking about what to include, my mind leaps immediately to “Antiques Roadshow”. Whatever you put in there, be sure to leave it in the original packaging! It will be more valuable that way when it is dug up… How about a plain old ordinary toothbrush? Things we take for granted right now will be novel and fresh to people 2 centuries hence. Or some small toy from WalMart like a matchbox car. How about some postage stamps? Some coins? An ordinary ballpoint pen? A cheapo calculator from the Dollar Store? Little everyday things that will give the Future Dwellers an insight into how we lived in this time. It’s always interesting to see how people lived. And maybe whoever discovers your capsule will be able to sell the stuff for antiques and make some money!

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