Bayflite training

WordPress won’t allow me to place videos directly into this blog without paying $60 a year for video privileges.  I am not going to pay that fee right now.  Instead, please click the links below to youtube for videos of Bayflite 4 landing and taking off.  I think that air ambulances are a great asset to EMS and always enjoy the training when we have the opportunity.

Video one is Bayflite landing.  I wasn’t expecting so much dust.  The helicopter landed here yesterday as well.  I figured between that and the recent rain the parking lot would have been a little cleaner.  I got covered in it to get this video.

Video two is Bayflite taking off.  I moved behind the building this time.

A few pictures of the helicopter up close.  Each one costs around 5 million dollars with almost half of that in avionics.  That is one expensive ride!

DSCN4558 DSCN4560 DSCN4561 DSCN4563 DSCN4564 DSCN4568

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